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Dedicated to athletes

The sports movement always remains thanks to the volunteers who dedicate their time to the emancipation of the young people in physical activities and then to introduce them to the sports performance.
It is through this mission that the members of the Lebanese federation of Wushu Kung fu swore each other allegiance in the service of the young people.


The first purpose of a club or a federation is to return the young people to enter the " world of the sport ". Nevertheless, so that it is effective and to return the largest number of young people possible for the miscellaneous disciplines, the latter have to can become identified with a sports idol.
A federation owes the works to improve the performance of his athletes and which can be reached only through the professionalism. The experience and the real-life experience of the members of the Lebanese federation of Wushu kung fu are put in the service of the high-level and professionalism.


The sincerity in the commitment can be reached only by the faith in the mission the members of the federation of which are amended for duration of four years. The young people, the top athletes, the trainers, the persons in charge, the technicians and the volunteers have the right in the sincerity in our approach to apply the current laws, Whic? govern the regulations of the sports values, the regulations of the Wushu kung fu first of all, But also by accepting the diversity, the criticisms of all the actors of the sport whether it is the world of Wushu either other disciplines or sports organizations.

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Garo Kabbajian sending letter of gratitude t the LWKF cover

Garo Kabbajian sending letter of gratitude t the LWKF | Mar 25, 2024

In memory of Master Garo kababjian, the kababjian family send letter of gratitude to the LWKF

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wushu Sanda judges exam cover

wushu Sanda judges exam | Jan 24, 2024

under the supervision of the general secretary Bassam Nohra a judges exams where held at portemili club

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sanda training session held by the Lebanese Wushu Federation cover

sanda training session held by the Lebanese Wushu Federation | Jan 21, 2024

The Lebanese Federation of Wushu Kong Fu conducted a training course for trainers in the style of "Sanda" at the Cospis-Yirzah complex, which is part of its annual calendar for 2024.

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16th world wushu championship cover

16th world wushu championship | Dec 6, 2023

the International Fdederation organize thr 16th worls wushu championship in Texas from 16 to 21 november 2023

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You're welcome to come and participate/assist to any of the following events about Wushu Kung-Fu in Lebanone.

Sanda Cup on 06-02-2022

  Feb 6, 2022  -  Feb 6, 2022

  adma, leb
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promotional day for Tai-Chi presented by Avedis Seropian

  Sep 23, 2021  -  Sep 27, 2021

  Batroun, Leb
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